framing IDEAS

Creating framed art at your fingertips is fun & easy! Especially in the Rhonna Designs app!  Get creative with how you frame them.  We LOVE these inexpensive gold frames for smaller printables.  Now, if you want to print out at home, simply send your project to your printer and remember to use matte photo paper that works well with your printer. Here are some good matte photo papers!  If you're interested in sending your project off to a professional printer- we highly recommend PERSNICKETY PRINTS. They have a great variety of papers and their quality can't be beat- they are truly works of art! 
Frame decor Ideas:
Adorn your bookshelves,
 don your walls
add flowers to brighten it up,
you can even add spark with
these fairy lights!

Printables + Rhonna Designs


The Rhonna Designs App art is high resolution which means you can print with professional results. It so easy to make your cards, gifts, packages & wrapping super special & unique!

1/ Create your projects in the Rhonna Designs app & save on your phone. Your fabulous gifts can be printed off on matte sticker paper  you can get on AMAZON. Just out & add to gift bags/boxes, notebooks or punch holes to tie this cute gold & white twine & tags to your favorite GIFT packaging. 

2/ Add greetings in vinyl to your tags or gifts. Use your Silhouette cutting machine to cut out any Rhonna Designs cut files for creative packaging!

3/ Rhonna Designs + Persnickety Prints = the cutest gifts ever!  Try printing your creations on their gorgeous Linen, Pearl or velvety matte paper! How about creating an 8.5x11 sheet with your cards, print them off at Persnickety Prints and then cut, add to a thoughtful gift & you've got a meaningful gift for anyone!



In this video tutorial Rhonna takes you step by step to create your own Lightbox images. She'll show you how in the Rhonna Designs App using the blank templates, Rhonna Collage App  & other fun ideas to light up your life!

Here's the best transparency film to print on. Get the LIGHT BOX here on Amazon. **disclaimer- this is an affiliate link.