Rhonna and Jeff design their lives together- as a team! Rhonna is a creative graphic artist/designer that continually pushes the edge of digital design for personal histories and Jeff is an imaginative scientist that can't keep his mind off of the relationship between the physical world and consciousness. They are the parents of three grown children and enjoy their mountain home in Utah.

the team

Jeff’s interest in the fundamental building blocks of the physical world directed him to that area of science and technology that seeks to “view” smaller and smaller objects: electron microscopy. He got his PhD at the University of MN and after several years in industry, he went back to their alma-mater BYU where he was the director of their world-class electron microscopy facility for 16 years.

 Now, they work together as a team to share with others what they have learned in designing the life of your dreams.



Rhonna got her degree in art education and 23 years ago she started Rhonna Designs designing greeting cards, gift bags, and wrapping paper as a way to provide for the family while Jeff was in a PhD program. She was divinely inspired to make the transition to the scrapbooking industry where she created her own lines of products, wrote and designed idea books, spoke and taught internationally, and was part of pioneering the transition of paper scrapbooking to digital. In 2013 Rhonna Designs became the creator of the award-winning Rhonna Designs Mobile device app.