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Photo Editing App

For iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices:

Available on the App Store

For Android OS devices:


For Window phones

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For Windows desktop (Windows 8.1 or later only)

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Learn to use the app and see what's new here: App Tutorials

Wondering what fonts are used in the app? click here to see a list

If you have encountered a problem with the app or have a question about it that is not answered below, please send a message to


Q:  How much is the app?

A:  $1.99 US dollars

Q:  What does the app include?

A:  All 27 of my Insta Fonts (w/ 26 designs in each) are included in the Design Packs.

Q:  What if I already have your Insta Fonts?

A:  Then, that's AWESOME! The difference between the app & the actual Insta Font kits on my site are resolution & ability. See, the app is the only place you can use the fonts or 'Design Packs' as they are called. BUT, with the Insta Font kits you get high resolution .ABR brushes/stamps, black PNG files AND the .TTF (True Type) font that is in a vector format which allows you to enlarge w/o losing resolution. And **my personal fave** you can use on your Silhouette Cameo cutting system w/ their Designer pack. I mean...really? cutting out the designs in vinyl, paper, etc? YES, pLease! So, don't despair...both are fab!

Q:  I can’t share my photos with IG or I can’t access my photos with the Rhonna Designs app. What do I do?

A:  This sounds like a phone setting or a setting in instagram. Try going to your phone setting-->Privacy-->Photos-->Rhonna (switched to "on").

Q:  What if the app is crashing or stalling or closing unexpectedly?

A:  First, please send a message to support@rhonnadesigns.comBe sure to include the model of device you use with the app and the iOS the device is running as well as any information pertaining to functions that you are performing within the app when the crash occurs.

Second, we're sorry your are having problems. Please remember that this app, like many others, can use a lot of your iPhone's/iPad's active memory. We are constantly working to improve memory management and will add those improvements to the updates through the iTunes app store. In the meantime, it may help to manually close the programs that you are not using on your iPhone (most users do not know that many iPhone apps that you have used in the past remain open even though they are not active on the screen).

Q:  Will there be any update or add-ons?

A:  YES! I designed the app with the 'whole enchilada' in mind. I wanted you to be able to have frames, filters, masks, designs and text fonts to use in ONE app! and I wanted to offer enough that you could create for years! *wink* But...with that said: my cReative mind is always going 100 miles a minute & I will be offering 'add-on' design packs that you can purchase in-app every once in a while for .99. What a steal! *grin* Obviously, you don't have to purchase more if you don't want to...because there will be PLENTY of fun in the initial app! P.S. I already have NEW designs & 'colorful stickers' to add into the app! But, we didn't want to keep delaying. SO this will be part of the new update! fun, huh?

Q:  Is the app available worldwide?

A:  YES! We love our creatives all over the world and wherever there's an iTunes store, there will be the Rhonna Designs app!

Q:  What is the resolution & can I print?

A:  The output images are up to 2048x2048 pixels. They are sized-down and flattened to be optimal for sharing on social media.  Higher-res versions of the fonts and design kits are available on where you can create high-resolution, layered files that allow saving in editable format, large-scale printing, and etc. in your favorite graphics or photo-editing software. 

We love printing our photos all 'dolled up' w/ Rhonna Designs App! You CAN print out w/ our very fave printers: Persnickety Prints! In fact, they look fab in 4x4 or even printed in their Instagram Polaroids for Project Lifers!

Q:  I just updated my iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and now all the extra packs that I bought are not available. Do I need to buy them again?

A:  No, you do NOT need to buy them again. Tap the pack that you have already purchased and then tap "restore a previous purchase" at the bottom of the next screen. Your previously purchased design pack should be available to you now. If you have switched from an iOS device to an Android device OR from Android to iOS you will need to repurchase the app and the extra packs.

Q:  How do I get a refund?

A:  Refund policy is set by the iTunes store. Please refer to the Tunes Store Terms and Conditions.

Q:  Is there a step by step to help me learn how to use the app?

App video tutorials

A:  YES! See the video tutorials here. No purchase neccessary. ALSO, my fab cReative Team member, Nancy, created videos for the iPad as well. Check out the link here.

Q:   Can I use the app to make designs for my business, non-profit, or other organization?

A:   I'm sorry but the end user license agreement for the app, which is entered into upon purchase, does not allow for commercial use of the app or any of the designs or fonts (typeface). In fact, many of the fonts in the app are licensed from third parties, and Rhonna Designs would be in violation of those license agreements, were we to allow commercial or business use or offer a commercial-use license.  

However, All of the designs and most of the fonts are available in full, high resolution at designs and available fonts can be purchased under a Limited Commercial-use license, and can then be incorporated into your images and your own designs using your favorite graphics or photo-editing software on your desktop or laptop computer. 

The designs come in standard, universal graphics and font-file formats such as .jpg, .png, .pdf. The available fonts are in .ttf as well as .png. We also offer many designs in Photoshop brush file format (.abr).  

The design packs as well as the fonts under "Rhonna fonts 1" and "Rhonna fonts 2" are available for purchase on our website, but if you are looking for one of the fonts under Rhonna's Faves 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 these are fonts that are licensed from third parties. Their names can be found here (in the order they appear on the app):  

The design packs are available on the Rhonna Designs site under the same name as found in the app

To purchase downloads from the Rhonna Designs site:  

First, You must create an account on our website,, (this is free) and be logged in to the account when you select the product you wish to purchase.  

Second, Click on the desired product and check to see that you have the required software and computer knowledge to use the product.  

Third, Select the license that you require for the work that you intend for the product. Obviously, the personal license does NOT allow for any commercial or business use.  

If you have questions about what is covered under the Limited Commercial-use License you can read the license here and you can also email me to ask specific questions.  

Fourth, Once you have added the desired product to your shopping cart, view your shopping cart (before going to checkout) and make any corrections to the item(s) in the cart. If you have a coupon code or a gift voucher, you would enter them in the appropriate box at the bottom of the shopping cart page.  

Fifth, Proceed to checkout and follow the steps to finalize the purchase. You can pay the balance with a credit card or Paypal account.  

Finally, To access the files that you have purchased on our site, simply log into your user account on the Rhonna Designs website ( again, click on "my account" and navigate to the "downloads" page within your account. There should be links there that will allow you to download the files. Simply click on the links and the files should start to download.